Create Realistic Visualizations

Enter our metaverse of unimagined possibility!

Show Houses

Virtual walkthroughs have revolutionised presentations, allowing for architects,
designers and archviz professionals to improve their collaboration and client approvals.

Allow clients to enter a space and freely walk around exporing every corner,
making them feel as if they are there.

Plans & Drawings

Impress and boost engagement on real-estate marketing websites, allow buyers to virtually visit soon to be built properties. Explore colour options, finishes and layout changes with clickable, interactive walkthroughs.

Simply send a link or embed the walkthrough on your website – clients can explore the design on any mobile device without the need for a meeting

Virtual Offices

Take zoom calls to the next level? 
Engage your audience and meet clients virtually in your office.

We are proud to invite you to our new office, virtually speaking.

We haven't quite managed virtual coffee yet so, for the time being,
bring your own 😊 .

Exhibitions & Shows

Our fully-interactive VR experiences allow for dynamic hyper-linking
to your existing web content. Boost engagement and reach with an experience like no other.


Create a record of your graduation for students and alumni to visit and
interact with again and again.
Make the most of our technology to create an interesting and memorable event using sound and video to enhance the user experience.

Commision an existing gallery

Extend the reach of your existing gallery with an online virtual version 
& present your curation world wide.

Allow a global audience to walk through your gallery as if they were there. Meet potential buyers, virtually, in your gallery using the 3d meeting functionality.
Promote and support existing exhibitions.
Preserve the curation as a virtual space forever.
Host multiple exhibitions at the same time.

Original Galleries

Imagine your art on display and present your creations world wide.

My 3 Ideas will help you create a custom made gallery to enhance your art
exhibition or if you see one you like we will tailor it to your needs.
Let us help you defy the limitations of a physical space and
reach anyone anywhere.
Preserve the curation as a virtual space forever.
Sell your NFT’S directly from within the gallery or link and browse your existing website without leaving the virtual space
Meet potential buyers virtually in your gallery.
Chose the colour of the walls, change the floor.
Our galleries are fully customizable.
Enter a metaverse of unimagined possibility and contact us today.

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